Is this why AdultFriendFinders was hacked?

Now you can go directly to Hell...(link removed 5/25/15 at 5:23 pm PDT time). Warning: They may attempt to hack you. Only visit their forum (on the Darknet) and use a VPN prior to firing up the TOR browser.

Gratis a commenter at this blog:

Is this why AdultFriendFinder was hacked?

Alex: I just posted emails with Adult Friend Finder aka Friend Finder Networks aka Various Inc. at the following link:

I am assuming that the sages have appointed the great ROR for this task...

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AdultFriendFinder complete database is for sale

Yesterday the Hell forum was deluged with requests for AdultFriendFinder (AFF) files (after they had been deleted). It also appeared that our main character ROR[RG] had up and run off with his stash. Ever wonder what the [RG] in the ROR pseudonym represents? This dude is a member of the Rich Gang.

AdultFriendFinder: Full Throttle

With ROR[RG] now running at full throttle, he is selling the entire database for 70 BTC ($16,807 USD)...

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VoIP plays a key role in being future-ready

This is the first in a series about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the trends that will transform organizations. Learn what it takes to be future ready and what procedures will mitigate downtime and keep communications flowing.


Steve Day, head of business development at Network Telecom (UK), a leading provider of telecommunication services, says larger enterprises are now embracing the VoIP journey

Large enterprises are gaining confidence as they watch complex deployments successfu...

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It’s time to boost VoIP network security

More businesses than ever are jumping on the Voice over IP (VoIP) bandwagon today. Aside from significant cost savings (when compared to traditional phone services), VoIP also offers many value-added features such as voicemail-to-email transcription, barge and whisper service, call screening, conferencing, music on hold, find me/follow me call routing, portability, and increased flexibility and mobility for employees that are always on the move or required to travel.


Although VoIP’s advantages ...

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That startup killed me — How to think “outside the box”!

Startup - thinking outside the box

Today was not a giddyup day for me, not by a long shot. I felt like I had been bitten in the face by a horse, when I opened an email from a startup company that I’ve been contracting with for the past 52 months. I had just sent off invoice #108 when the reply from the company CEO arrived three minutes later, and I knew intuitively that the content was not going to be to my liking.

The phone call…

On the other end of the Smartphone line   I was told that funders and VC’s really were not a...

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Hacked! How safe is your data on Adult Sites?

During one of my excursions to the Deepweb (on the Darknet), I discovered a treasure trove of hacked data that appears to be from an adult social networking site. This particular adult site is one of the most heavily-trafficked websites in the world, boasting an Alexa U.S. page rank slightly above 747.

Hacked-how safe is your data on adult sites

Was this adult site hacked and extorted?

During a fit of rage, a pissed off hacker (going by the handle ROR[RG]) posted 15 downloadable spreadsheets (in zipped file format with credit card data...

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4 ransomware lessons you need to learn before it snags you

Ransomware inspires fear in the hearts of those who have experienced its tenacious grip, and curiosity in the souls of those who haven’t.

4 ransomware lessons you need to learn before it snags you

To Pay Or Not To Pay

Over the past few years, malefactors have added yet another sinister twist to the crimeware game  cyber extortion.

End users panic (specifically those who have never backed up their system), while many security experts say “never pay the ransom.” Government entities like the Department of Homeland Security also discourage victims fro...

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Security Awareness: Phishing up the weakest links!

Who (in their right mind) would like to appear as the corporate dunce who infected their company network (by clicking on an email attachment or url)? Not you, not me, and certainly not the PR department or the company CEO’s administrative assistant, or even the CEO himself.

phishing security awareness

Phishing is an activity that cybercriminals utilize to acquire personal and sensitive information...

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7 Bitcoin notions that are revolutionary

Since early 2012 I’ve been fascinated with the concept of Bitcoin. At the time, I was into the CBS TV series “The Good Wife”, and was engrossed in the episode “Bitcoin for Dummies.” It was a memorable episode that gave me a crash course into the world of Bitcoin. That particular episode was not only compelling, educational, and entertaining — it was also the first time that a TV show ever featured the notion of digital currency.

With so much Bitcoin in the global limelight lately, I am...

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