7 Bitcoin notions that are revolutionary

Since early 2012 I’ve been fascinated with the concept of Bitcoin. At the time, I was into the CBS TV series “The Good Wife”, and was engrossed in the episode “Bitcoin for Dummies.” It was a memorable episode that gave me a crash course into the world of Bitcoin. That particular episode was not only compelling, educational, and entertaining — it was also the first time that a TV show ever featured the notion of digital currency.

With so much Bitcoin in the global limelight lately, I am...

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These PUPs are not cute. They will shackle you.

PUPs Potentially Unwanted Programs

These days it is becoming extremely difficult to download software from an official source without getting gobsmacked by a sundry of unwanted programs. PUPs is an acronym for potentially unwanted programs and frequently propagate through:

  • Download portals (Express installations)
  • Fake updates (malicious sites)
  • Browser add-ons (or toolbars)
  • Search bars
  • Shopping helpers
  • Weather apps
  • Legitimate software companies (third-party programs included in their installer)

PUPs Defined

According to PC...

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Twitter Bots, not up my skirt!

twitter bots featured

When was the last time you checked your Twitter following? I am embarrassed to say that the last time I analyzed my following was early last summer. During the interim, a slew of 79 cunning and crafty Twitter bots scooted up my profile skirt.

Though these grubby little parasites did not add or detract from my social presence — they managed to piggyback my profile and litter my follower eye-candy with affiliate “get more twitter followers,” porn bots, phishing bots, scam bots, tattoo bots...

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Millennials are changing the workplace

With four generations in the workplace, one management style no longer fits all. Millennials (Gen Y) are the fastest growing segment of the workforce, and perhaps the least understood. Where Baby Boomers and Gen Xers seek job security and structure; Millennials crave feedback, coaching, and flexibility...

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Smart Interactivity in the year 2015

Recently I purchased a VIZIO E-Series 24” Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (for my office). Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the office for a few seconds and stepped back in and saw a firmware update (with a one minute timer alert displayed on the screen) regarding broadcast interactivity. If I had not stepped immediately back into my office — I may never have known that Smart Interactivity was turned on and that the firmware was updated without my permission.

smart interactivity

The Pr...

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Malvertising is a ‘toddler’ now

No more dirty diapers, potty training is intact. Within a two year time frame — malvertising mastered crawling and is starting to walk now.

Malvertising (in succinct terms) is defined as the use of online advertising to spread malware. My first experience with malvertising (malicious advertising) occurred on a Saturday in mid-September of 2009. While browsing the New York Times (NYT), a rogue antivirus pop-up appeared...

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Deepweb: Darknets & Oh là là Brands

What is your brand worth?

You might not be aware that your brand could be exploited (beneath the Surface web) by cyber-criminals. They could be selling your company data, your software (at a fraction of the cost), selling customer’s stolen data, or any other creative endeavor they devise that could put your brand name at risk...

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Stop spammers from abusing your webserver


This morning, Spamhaus posted some excellent advice on how to stop spammers from exploiting webservers. The Spamhaus Project based in Geneva, Switzerland& London, UK was founded in 1998 and is an international nonprofit organization that tracks Internet spam. The project is staffed with investigators, forensics specialists, and network engineers.

Spamhaus maintains a number of security intelligence databases and realtime spam-blocking databases (‘DNSBLs’) responsible for keepin...

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Ransomware: How does your network fare?

Ransomware has become one of the fastest growing crimeware tools today and is bound to become a growing menace in the corporate cyber-extortion scheme arena. There is nothing more troubling than having a cyber-criminal hold your network hostage...

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