I am known around the social web as Teksquisite, a self-employed IT consultant/writer/editor with over twenty years of combined computing experience in higher education, hardware, software, network security, Internet security, open source, webdev content management, and social media expertise. I mainly blog about tech and Internet security, deepweb-type stuff, and how social media and the baddies intersect.

I am currently a freelance security consultant/blogger at Teksquisite and have been consulting in social media since 2010.. Previously I worked as the security technology editor/social media manager for Fortscale (Insider threats) and was the prior publication manager for Norse Corporation (threat intelligence). I hold a B.S. in Sociology from Southern Oregon University [minor in CS].

I also enjoy writing technical documents [whitepapers, presentations, tutorials, blogs] and have a penchant for creating thought leadership content.I absolutely love doing research—specifically in the realm of security. I spend a lot of time (during my free time) lurking deep within the rabbit hole of the Darknet. Some of the things I see are not healthy for the human mind, and certainly not a place for those who can’t hang with deviants. I do it for the passion of ongoing research and because I want to make the digital world a better place for my children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, friends, acquaintances, associates, and unknown neighbors.

Though I am a sporodic blogger at my TekSec blog, I do blog in other spaces on the web:

I feel as though I have been blogging forever (in one form or another), back in the 90’s I blogged about hackers, hardware, malware, software troubleshooting, and viruses. My writings began to morph between 2000-2009 with the addition of sociological and mental health perspectives. By early 2009, I joined Twitter and managed to create a tsunami of interest by the security community when I discovered blackhat affiliates and malware.

Unfortunately all of my security writing clips and thought leadership ideas (as well as the entire blog] disappeared when Norse Corporation bit the dust. You can read about their demise over at Krebs on Security and my blip here.

I am currently available for remote contract positions and could possibly consider a permanent position—if the fit is right.


Favorite quote: “The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time.” —Bruce Schneier