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You’ve been hacked —what should you do next?


I’ve been hacked a few times, and it is a terrifying position to be in. The last time I recall a major hack was back in 2011 gratis a Malaysian hacktivist. It is unclear how the attacker procured the password to an old Gmail account — that I rarely used — but it was most likely tied to my use of the same weak password across multiple websites. Though these ancient accounts had been long forgotten by me, they morphed into the mode of unrestricted access for the attacker.

Armed with the ini...

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The Darknet Hell Forum Timeline Revisited

Darknet Hell forum web

Back in April of this year I wrote about the AdultFriendFinder data breach: Hacked! How safe is your data on Adult Sites? I did not mention the name of the hacked site because I was worried that I could potentially face legal repercussions. So, I sat on a leaked database of almost 3.9 million unique email addresses that exposed age, gender, race, sexual preferences, and more   until the British TV station, Channel 4 revealed the breach in May.

After the media attention settled down, my Da...

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Healthcare sector is finding ways to minimize hackability


Did you know that the healthcare industry is a far easier target for hackers to invade than banking or retail is? With more entry points into healthcare systems  cybercriminals can attack medical devices such as CT and PET scanners, MRI machines, and PACS via MEDJACK (medical device hijack) and infect them with malware  thus creating backdoors into your hospital network.

Hackers in the Darknet are already discussing the possibilities...

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That Ashley Madison “Thing”

Ashley Madison thing

I made it though the AdultFriendFinder’s (AFF) craze, barely…

I am not the type of person that likes a lot of media attention. I tend to find my comfort zone in the area of research and writing. Though I can do any company or brand justice in the realm of social media  by nature, I am actually a very quiet and introspective person in regards to my private life. You won’t find me tweeting about a trip to the coast or mountains, until after the fact.

Even when I arrived at the point of doxxi...

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