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Healthcare hackers & their dirty little secrets

hackers and medical data

In the world of cybersecurity, the healthcare industry is under siege. A Google search for ” healthcare breach ” now yields about 28,000,000 results , where a Google news search returns 100,000 news articles. Stolen healthcare insurance credentials are like a significant other to a hacker and may reveal things we would prefer to keep private and hidden. In 2015, healthcare data breach victims appear to be adrift with little or no protection or navigation.

“The risk for ongoing data exfiltr...

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How to prevent leaked data and the next big breach

data breach

Data breaches can become a company’s worst nightmare and in 2015 it is quickly becoming the scourge of our times.

Leaked data

A few months ago I discovered a treasure trove of personal data in a Darknet forum that was leaked in the form of redacted spreadsheet files...

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Is this why AdultFriendFinders was hacked?

Now you can go directly to Hell...(link removed 5/25/15 at 5:23 pm PDT time). Warning: They may attempt to hack you. Only visit their forum (on the Darknet) and use a VPN prior to firing up the TOR browser.

Gratis a commenter at this blog:

Is this why AdultFriendFinder was hacked

Alex: I just posted emails with Adult Friend Finder aka Friend Finder Networks aka Various Inc. at the following link:

I am assuming that the sages have appointed the great ROR for this task...

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AdultFriendFinder complete database is for sale

Yesterday the Hell forum was deluged with requests for AdultFriendFinder (AFF) files (after they had been deleted). It also appeared that our main character ROR[RG] had up and run off with his stash. Ever wonder what the [RG] in the ROR pseudonym represents? This dude is a member of the Rich Gang.

AdultFriendFinder: Full Throttle

With ROR[RG] now running at full throttle, he is selling the entire database for 70 BTC ($16,807 USD)...

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