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Hacked medical devices gaining traction

No manufacturer, hospital, medical facility or consumer wants to experience the nightmare of hacked medical devices. If we don’t beef up the security game soon—the bad guys will be snacking on Kobe Filet while the rest of us choke down skirt steak.

Medical devices

This year, Johnson & Johnson became the first medical device manufacturer to warn consumers about  medical device vulnerabilities when the company disclosed the Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin pump could be hacked.

Hacked medical devices gaining trac...

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Insidious Twitter Botnet is Streaming in Stealth Mode

Recently, I became aware of a prodigious stealth-mode Twitter botnet that contain upwards of 3 million user accounts, alongside two other botnets that total 100,000 bots. Kudos goes to SadBotTrue security researchers who first disclosed botnet findings at their blog earlier this week.

Twitter botnet streaming in stealth mode

Stealth Twitter botnet

According to SadBotTrue, this particular botnet is the most active and most undetectable botnet in existence on Twitter today.

SadBotTrue states at their blog:

All the accounts are protected...

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Cyberextortion ups the ante

cyberextortion DDoS

With everything that has been occurring upon the treacherous terrain of the cyberthreat landscape this year – we have not arrived at the point of a digital Pearl Harbor yet.

TechTarget defines cyberextortion as “a crime involving an attack or threat of attack against an enterprise, coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.”

Though cyberextortion can arrive in various forms – a cybercriminal’s end goal is to make a huge profit, using whatever means is necessary to bully ...

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Healthcare hackers & their dirty little secrets

hackers and medical data

In the world of cybersecurity, the healthcare industry is under siege. A Google search for ” healthcare breach ” now yields about 28,000,000 results , where a Google news search returns 100,000 news articles. Stolen healthcare insurance credentials are like a significant other to a hacker and may reveal things we would prefer to keep private and hidden. In 2015, healthcare data breach victims appear to be adrift with little or no protection or navigation.

“The risk for ongoing data exfiltr...

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