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Best VPN Reviews 2016

Best VPN for public wifi

Using public wifi without a VPN (virtual private network)? If you are not using one—you should be.

Perhaps Kashmir Hill says it best:

. . .a VPN is like a condom for Internet use. When you use a VPN, it creates a private encrypted tunnel that your Internet requests are sent through, re-routing your activity through a server controlled by your VPN provider rather than over a shared wifi network...

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You’ve been hacked —what should you do next?


I’ve been hacked a few times, and it is a terrifying position to be in. The last time I recall a major hack was back in 2011 gratis a Malaysian hacktivist. It is unclear how the attacker procured the password to an old Gmail account — that I rarely used — but it was most likely tied to my use of the same weak password across multiple websites. Though these ancient accounts had been long forgotten by me, they morphed into the mode of unrestricted access for the attacker.

Armed with the ini...

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Smart Interactivity in the year 2015

Recently I purchased a VIZIO E-Series 24” Class Razor LED™ Smart TV (for my office). Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the office for a few seconds and stepped back in and saw a firmware update (with a one minute timer alert displayed on the screen) regarding broadcast interactivity. If I had not stepped immediately back into my office — I may never have known that Smart Interactivity was turned on and that the firmware was updated without my permission.

smart interactivity

The Pr...

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Whisper… just another scandalous hiss

Whisper’s privacy scandal broke late last week when The Guardian claimed that user data (stretching back to the app’s launch) was allegedly collated and indefinitely stored in a searchable database; that the company monitored some users (even when they opted our of geolocation services); and that they shared some data with the Department of Defense (DOD). There were also allegations that Whisper held the tools to identify newsworthy users by peering into their history and tracking their m...

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