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This online surveillance law course may be the most important course ever

While scouting through the upcoming online courses at Stanford, I noticed a Surveillance law course. At first glance — the course did not sound very appealing to me, like oh ugh, do I really want to take a surveillance law course?

online surveillance

Online Surveillance Law Course

Fortunately, I perused the course suggested readings and noted that No Place to Hide and Dragnet Nation was recommended reading. I had already read Greenwald’s No Place to Hide (Kindle edition) and just started reading Angwin&#...

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LinkedIn and Creeper

LinkedIn just keeps getting creepier and creepier; replete with its inauspicious appetite to dine off all our contacts. is a virtual business card, claiming to be the only one in the world that contains peer-reviewed ratings. The domain was registered in April, 2013 (6 months old) and is conveniently masked behind Moniker Privacy Services. The only information you will find on LinkedIn about is the profile of a customer representative that goes by the name of Joh...

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Metadata Equals Surveillance

The collection of metadata cannot be discounted. According to Bruce Schneier: metadata equals surveillance. Ann Cavoukian, Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioner states that metadata can actually be more revealing than content:

Pieces of metadata or traffic data are the digital crumbs that we leave behind when we use communications technologies and online services...

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Facebook game requirement: A birth certificate?

Wolf Pack, a Facebook app center game,blew me away recently when a fan messaged me and asked what I thought about a game that required a user to prove their real life identity. In this day and age of Internet snooping that includes hackers; advertisers; rogue Facebook apps; ID thief’s, and Big Brother — who in their right mind would want to surf bare-bottomed and play a game that masks it’s own identity behind a privacy shield?

What is Wolf Pack?

Facebook Game

According to the Wolf Pack fanpage the game ...

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