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Hacked medical devices gaining traction

No manufacturer, hospital, medical facility or consumer wants to experience the nightmare of hacked medical devices. If we don’t beef up the security game soon—the bad guys will be snacking on Kobe Filet while the rest of us choke down skirt steak.

Medical devices

This year, Johnson & Johnson became the first medical device manufacturer to warn consumers about  medical device vulnerabilities when the company disclosed the Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin pump could be hacked.

Hacked medical devices gaining trac...

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Ransoc, simplified ransomware

Ransoc no fire ransomware

Proofpoint recently discovered a new ransomware variant dubbed Ransoc, that is distributed through malvertising campaigns on adult web sites. If you do not go to adult sites, you should be safe from this threat. If you do go to adult websites and manage to have a meetup with this new variant, and you are comfortable with the windows registry—it’s easy to remove

No encryption used

Ransoc scrapes torrents, instant messaging clients, Skype and social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn) for poten...

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Affiliate interlopers abundant on LinkedIn

We could be an affiliate

The past few months I’ve racked up quite a few “I’d like to join your LinkedIn network” invites and I can assure you that I am extremely hesitant when these invitations arrive. Many newly created LinkedIn affiliate interlopers have zero to two first degree connections (in contrast to my connections.) Though I am suspicious by nature when connecting to strangers on social media, I am also curious as to what the new (potential) contact hopes to achieve...

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Best VPN Reviews 2016

Best VPN for public wifi

Using public wifi without a VPN (virtual private network)? If you are not using one—you should be.

Perhaps Kashmir Hill says it best:

. . .a VPN is like a condom for Internet use. When you use a VPN, it creates a private encrypted tunnel that your Internet requests are sent through, re-routing your activity through a server controlled by your VPN provider rather than over a shared wifi network...

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