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Young Darknet wannabe hackers — listen up!

young Darknet hackers

On Sunday, Onur Kopçak, a 26-year old Turkish hacker was sentenced to 135 years for stealing 11 peoples credit card information and selling it to other cybercriminals. With the additional sentencing of 199 years from a 2013 conviction that includes access device fraud, identity fraud, website forgery and wire fraud—this young hacker has a sentence of 334 years and is currently incarcerated in the Osmaniye prison in in the southern Adana province,Turkey.

On the U.S...

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The top 5 IT security threats for 2016

off the ledge security

IT security threats for 2016 will be amplifying many of the cyberthreats that we have seen prevail throughout the year, while adding more emphasis to stealth threats. Ransomware will become hotter with threat actors and kiddie scripters alike, taking full advantage of streamlined and automated ransomware that promise lucrative financial gain.

It will be a year where we find out that our health care data does not primarily exist within the hub of the health care industry—but is actually shared o...

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Living off the land: A security threat to your data

Living off the land- a security threat to your data

Early in September, Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ Special Operations (CTU-SO) issued an alert about how threat actors are using sophisticated attacks via implementing a company’s own tools to compromise and steal data. This particular alert piqued my curiosity.

CTU-SO further elaborated that in the past year “the threat actors accessed the target environment using compromised credentials and the companies’ own virtual private network (VPN) or other remote access solutions...

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Security: 11 tips to protect your data while shopping

security 11 tips to protect your data while shopping

The shopping season is about to erupt in full swing beginning on Black Friday. Many retailers are even extending their Cyber Monday sales to be cyber week sales. This is the time when consumers should taking additional precautions to protect personal data on their devices. 2015 has been the year of the data breach, and it is now a common occurrence in today’s information security threat landscape.

A few years ago, one of the biggest retail store data breaches occurred on Black Friday...

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