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Hacking your Facebook inbox

How easy is it to hack your Facebook inbox? I could do it in five minutes. All I need to do is connect up via Skype and convince a blackhat dev that I really need to buy his Facebook Manager app, so that I can spy on my cheating husband. Then all I have to do is set it up with a troll account that looks like a booth babe  — and I will have my cheating husband chomping at the bit.

For the most part, social engineering tactics can play a strong role in hacked Facebook accounts...

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Why Are Twitter Followers Sending Strange DM’s?

The past two weeks I’ve noted an uptick in Twitter followers sending me strange DM’s. When I contacted them about these strange DM’s, they stated that their account had been compromised. Some valid (compromised) accounts have since been deleted by Twitter and the URLs included in the DMs appear docile at this time. [Pataloca DOT com |]

twitter follower

Twitter Followers

The original DM URL linked back to a tweet from an account that did not follow me...

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LinkedIn and Creeper

LinkedIn just keeps getting creepier and creepier; replete with its inauspicious appetite to dine off all our contacts. is a virtual business card, claiming to be the only one in the world that contains peer-reviewed ratings. The domain was registered in April, 2013 (6 months old) and is conveniently masked behind Moniker Privacy Services. The only information you will find on LinkedIn about is the profile of a customer representative that goes by the name of Joh...

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I woke up this morning to a anti tweet by by Travis Goodspeed:

After performing a bit of research via Google – I have to agree with Travis. Not that is spammy in the traditional sense of the word; simply that its auto-content generation is not performing a service that best represents followers on my lists. Pulling content from a list of users and featuring it as a top story — is not even close to a top story. When you have to search through Paper...

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