The Deep Web: Darknets Evo Marketplace

I recently took a nice little swoop into the rabbit hole of the deep web to explore Darknets. Though I’ve been down there numerous times over the years; I have to admit that each new excursion always feels like a redux of a childhood Christmas eve . Spinning back in time —  I was that curious (and very naughty little girl) who waited for the entire family to fall asleep on Christmas eve, then I would tiptoe down to the living room and sneak one package at a time back to my bedroom. I always took great care to carefully unwrap and re-wrap each gift. I always played with a teaser: would I get busted or could I continue this annual practice in stealth mode? Regardless, I simply loved the adrenalin rush.

Though there is some confusion in the media between the term Darknets and Deep Web – they are easily distinguishable from each other. I’ve always looked at Darknets as little cubbyholes recessed in the Deep Web, hidden from major search engines — void of IP addresses —  secretive sites with .onion suffixes, where nobody knows who is who.

The Evo Marketplace

I’ve always been curious about unregulated digital spaces — such was my fascination with Silk Road a few years back. But, alas, she’s gone. Operating on the TOR network: Evolution (Evo) is an online Darknet black market that caters to illegal drug sales and fresh high-balance stolen credit cards.

I initially discovered the Evolution Marketplace in a Darknet Markets sub reddit. I was intrigued that so many people posted their nefarious drug activities there – including a vendor selling high quality shatter BHO (with the underbelly marketplace address included in a reddit thread).

Announcing illegal transactions gone bad or new drug vendors on the surface web could be considered a form of reddit chivalry or the buyers and vendors are simply post-Snowden naive, or high. Since I did not see any mention of credit card fraud, dumps, ccv, or the likes posted at reddit— cybercriminals who deal in stolen credit cards are perhaps far more cautious than the Evo drug dealers are.

Evo’s most popular drugs for sale are cannabis, Ecstasy, and stimulants (coke, meth, and amphetamines). In their fraud-related category: credit cards are hot. They can hook you up with (worldwide trusted vendors). Though vendors do sell credit cards on Evo — the higher end lots that steal identities are funneled through trusted vendors who do not advertise their services on Evo. Instead, they work through a middle man in the Evo Marketplace and may communicate via self-destructing messages and anonymous email that is not connected to TOR.

Evo Middle men also work with hackers that specialize in US residents with excellent credit ratings of 740+, and provide complete credit profiles that include the victim’s social security number (SSN), Date of birth (DOB), phone, address, employment, education, drivers license, and vehicles (including the plate number). You can steal an identity with a 740+ credit rating for as little as $100.00 USD.

On the strange: Whitechapel LTD offers a revenge box of feces (human, dog, or cat) in classical, elegant, or original for 0.1500 BTC ($56.30 USD) + postage. There is also a vendor selling information on how to read your neighbor’s unopened mail (0.0186 BTC | $6.98 USD); a vendor requesting input on future revenge services who is contemplating using swatting (Brian Krebs style], and 44 CIA  related ebooks that include topics on how to make LSD; sabotage; Iran documents; remote viewing, secret weapons, and torture.


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