Do our smartphones really rule us?

Update [22-Jan-13]: My iPhone is back in operation this morning. Weird! 

Tonight, my iPhone died

Holding  the HOME and SLEEP buttons didn’t do squat. Using various charging methods (electrical/USB/Belkin iMac charger did nada either). Though I whined a tad on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – nothing could bring my iPhone back from the grave. Without access to my contacts, I felt entirely alienated. How do I call Verizon support? Was that *611 or *228? If I tweet them, how long will it take?

Damn you iPhone – I missed you five minutes after you died. Though I kept telling myself to get a grip and that  life goes on, my digital life definitely experienced a drastic change from the norm.  It has been a very quiet evening here at my office in Phoenix, Oregon with no bleeps, swooshes, tweets, buzzes, email messages, financial alerts, or other digital intrusions in real-time. Hey, this interlude at minimum, made me compose this blog.

It isn’t always clear how to proceed when a smartphone dies. Like me – you probably have more than one back-up. Though I consistently back-up to the local hard drive, as well as to iCloud – I still dance to the tune that a person can never back-up enough

Somewhere in the back of my mind I began to think that perhaps owning one iPhone was not enough. Would it be practical for me to invest in a back-up iPhone, I wondered. Ahh, these thoughts kept scrolling and scrolling and re-scrolling. I was already internally preparing for the next smartphone failure. Do our smartphones really rule us like this? I can only speak for myself – yes, my smartphone seems to have total control over me. When did all this smartphone control become a reality?

I believe the reality of owning a smartphone arose while working in an (undisclosed) psychiatric hospital in Vermont. It was a hospital  that had such crap for administration that my life was never safe behind locked unit doors. It was a place where administration believed in bleeding both staff and patients, while boasting salaries that could make this grown woman cry. Unsafe working conditions indeed compelled me to buy my first smartphone!

Q: What will I be doing for the next eighteen hours?

A: Silly question!  I’ll be Tracking the pending arrival of my new iPhone, of course.


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  • Tom Zucker-Scharff  says:


    My heart goes out to you. Like you I backup to innumerable places on the assumption that at least one will work. Usually this is the case. Recently though I had the unfortunate experience of upgrading my phone and ended up using only the application and media backups because restoring setting was unrealistic between different android OSes. This meant putting in all that information for each app that made it work like it used to, an arduous process – it took about 2 weeks to get it all right.

    Hope your smartphone troubles come to an end soon.


    • teksquisite  says:

      Hey Tom – My iPhone is working today! Hoping it will continue to work until I can buy more time to move back to Droid-land 🙂

    • teksquisite  says:

      And thank you 🙂

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