Down the Darknet Rabbit Hole Again

Darknet rabbithole

I’ve been back down the rabbithole, into the Darknet again and it’s been a hell of a hostile and discordant excursion this time. For those of us who are merely researching the cybercriminal ecosystem, it can become an extremely precarious place to visit sometimes. I’ve had noxious miscreants jabbering me, insisting that I hack something to prove that I am who I say I am  some of whom even messaged me direct phishing links. While some side trips led to the discovery of more phishing sites in the cloned market realm  cybercriminals are jacking cybercriminals, journalists, researchers, and inquisitive minds.

Though my pseudonyms are anonymous (at least I think they are), I am unwilling to share my identity or hack anything for inclusion into their inner circle. Though I’ve shared specific Darknet identities with a few trusted journalists  my real life family and friends are clueless as to who or what I represent in the nether regions below.

In part 1 of this series I meandered through the Darknet where I questioned deviant mind sets, while in part 2 I explored more of the dark recesses that make up the shadowy underbelly of the underground cybercrime ecosystem. In part 3 of this continuing saga I share more encounters, experiences, observations, and a few additional utterances over at the Darkmatters blog.

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