Facebook game requirement: A birth certificate?

Wolf Pack, a Facebook app center game,blew me away recently when a fan messaged me and asked what I thought about a game that required a user to prove their real life identity. In this day and age of Internet snooping that includes hackers; advertisers; rogue Facebook apps; ID thief’s, and Big Brother — who in their right mind would want to surf bare-bottomed and play a game that masks it’s own identity behind a privacy shield?

What is Wolf Pack?

Facebook Game

According to the Wolf Pack fanpage the game was founded in 2009:

Wolf Packs is a unique highly fun game where you are responsible for bringing up your own wolf from cub to elder. Look after its emotions, go hunting, fight wolves from other packs or fight within your pack to become the dominant alpha wolf!

Who owns the game?

Conner Solutions Ltd (“Con-Sol”), is a UK individual who opted to have his address omitted from the WHOIS service. Though this game meets Facebook requirements via providing a TOS and privacy policy at their website; users have no idea who hides behind this game – unless you dig into the game credits or perform a Google search. The game owner and developer, Ian Conner appeared in this petition: allegedly banning two players for something they posted on their personal Facebook walls.

Facebook Game Requirement

Wolf Pack utilizes the user_hometown permission; so it would appear that when proxies or VPN’s access the game, they are suspect for cheating or foul play. The TOS fails to mention that proxies or VPN’s are banned from playing the game. Because I am a privacy advocate and also consult with Cocoonif I use their proxy service to mask my location and all the members of my wolf pack also use Cocoon to mask their location — we could potentially be served with a mass banishment order.

That is, unless we upload our drivers license; passport; birth certificate; or healthcare card via direct message on the main game page at https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackgame. Fabulous. Facebook games have digital game bouncers now…

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 Popular Culture Adage

 Those who scream at Facebook about their privacy controls seem to forget the basics of privacy — the privacy of your information online is ultimately your responsibility. You are choosing to upload each photo, each tweet, each message, and in the reality of the web is that security is not absolute.  — Sam Howat

Stop. Think. Disconnect.

Stop. Think. Disconnect (STD): Keep this STD in mind when you play games on Facebook. No game is worth giving up your privacy over — specifically to the likes of a digital game bouncer…


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