Hell is hot – more Deepweb, Darkweb, Darknet…

Over at the Norse DarkMatters blog I have an ongoing saga (down the rabbit hole) as I journey into the depths of the shadowy underbelly of the underground cybercrime ecosystem.While the black markets are expanding, forums are also evolving. In Part 1 I questioned deviant mindsets, poked the Onion-pastebin, reminded everyone that there is great value in fresh stolen data and that data has an expiration date (decreasing in value with the passage of time).



Deepweb, Darknet, Darkweb – It’s Deep…

I’ve been down under again, into the Darknet – checking out the markets, forums, pasties, and other illicit channels. There is a lot going on down there this week. Hackers, vendors, carders, and the likes are beefing up their OPSEC.

Hell is Hot

The hell forum appears to be growing rapidly and this may be due in part to all the media attention from the fake OPM hack, as well as the media blast it received last month [CNN, Mashable, Motherboard] when the popular site adult FriendFinder’s approximately 3.9 million users discovered that their private data was hacked and posted on the forum.

Change is in the Air

Hell plans to make major forum changes beginning July 1. There is only one problem – Hell’s main character “PING” is still missing. You can continue reading Part 2 of exploring the dark recesses of the web here.

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