Hey Candidate Clowns, Giddy up and Get Out

trump clinton get outI’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking about our government, Snowden revelations, mass surveillance, data breaches and the like. During the interim—I also burned through two startups. It has not been an easy road on a financial basis—if anything, it has taught me to question what is happening in the world around me.

Due to a recent (real life) nightmare that I had, I felt compelled to blog (after an almost three month hiatus from writing.) In this nightmare I found myself at a polling booth with two armed guards standing nearby. In front of me I observed an oversized red push button. The button was quite succinct. It said “submit” (with no other option available). I knew that I had to push the “oversized” red button, or the armed guards would “shoot to kill” me. The rebel within reminded me that this could not be real. I reasoned (within the nightmare)—what if I didn’t push the red submit button? Certainly, my life would not end. Right?

Nightmares tend to have a weird sense of humor. They oftentimes compel you to do things you would never do in real life. So, I pushed the oversized red button. Perhaps I was curious? It was only a nightmare . . . right?

Sheep walk over cliffs too

This is what the concept of “mass surveillance” entails. It can visit you in your dreams and in your nightmares too. It can reveal itself on a sublime basis. It looks rather regal—enticing and believable. The appearance (deceptive) still looks and feels right. You push the oversized red button because it tells you to “submit.” Americans have been taught over the past two-plus decades to “submit.” It’s like the neverending story—where you get to “experience the adventures” but lose the memory of your life “the way “you” once existed.”

This is where you begin to lose bits and pieces of yourself. You succumb to red light cameras, mall tracking, police body cameras, cable television, Fox news, and the likes—because it is easier to digest facades, rather than question the truth. Questioning the truth (reality) can make your life miserable with myriad three-letter government acronyms. If you are placed on a “government watch list” you may never know it. This is “reality 101” in the year 2016.

Political puppets

Does anyone remember the U.S. constitution? When was the last time you sat down entirely sober and sane, or with a glass of wine or keg of beer and actually read it? Which candidate is going to “walk over the cliff” while still clutching the Obama legacy? Which candidate will continue to house ten trigger-happy fingers? I think that those of us of us “in the know” actually know the answer to this. But, unfortunately, we are few in number.

It’s far too difficult to fight the status quo today. It is much easier to walk over a cliff in the year 2016. The crux of the matter is blatant—you are reduced to vote for the lesser of two evils in America today (though the final candidate has already been predetermined by the “elite” establishment.) Basically, (if this is true) we are entirely “screwed” as a country. There is little hope unless a revolution rises.

There may never be a revolution, simply because the multitude is far too complacent in nature.

So, will we continue to support the two asinine “circus clown candidates” that exist today because we have “no other viable option” to choose from? Or is it because “they” (the establishment) has finally convinced us that we only have these “two myopic options” to choose from? If this is the case (screw America) because we are totally &ucked!

Screw you if you believe . . .

that Edward Snowden is a traitor to our beloved America! He spent much time embedded within the depths of critical thinking to deliver what is actually going down in American today. This was not an easy road for a millennial to travel. He had to sacrifice his country, family, friends and colleagues to deliver a message that has been difficult for the majority to digest.

He carefully selected the channels he opted to deliver his message to. He had to trust the receivers of his message—that they would be able to discern and disseminate the information without causing harm to national security. It must have been an extremely difficult process for both Snowden and the journalists involved.

It was because of Snowden—that those of us who had long suspected blanket surveillance felt vindicated and and could finally verify that our government was actually surveilling us.

Back to my nightmare . . .

That big red button that I pressed . . . I somehow knew (within the nightmare) that I chose to genuflect beneath what “they” expected—so, I accepted and complied with pressing the oversized “submit” button. Though I felt at odds with myself (in the nightmare) over my decision—I still pressed the “submit” button—like so many other Americans—I complied.

Crawling through the haze of this majestic nightmare—I realized that both Clinton and Trump do indeed give “baby boomers” a bad name. How do I oust them from my generation? I want them both gone. They embarrass me. I am sure that I speak for the younger segment of the “baby boomer” generation—”excuse me—(cough) Donald and Hillary—don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out . . .Please leave now.  Just disappear. I certainly DO NOT WANT THE TWO OF YOU associated with MY GENERATION. Go away. NOW! Deaf ears? Only time will tell.

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