I bungled a tech question today

I won’t get specific about the purpose of this tech question (not yet anyway) – but I was asked to explain the difference between FAT and the NTFS file system today. BTW, It has been a few years since I’ve worked specifically on NTFS servers.

Much later – long after the question arose, I remembered max files, volumes, limitations, features, security and blah blah. It doesn’t matter that I remembered some of the technical gist , the fact still stands that I bungled a windows tech question today! My expertise has moved away from Windows (though I could easily refresh that deficit), and into the security realm and Internet security as it relates to to social media. These days, I am far more proficient with command lines and ethical hacking than I am with remembering windows technical terminology.

Do I consider myself a Windows idiot now? Absolutely not! It is like the first time you take your training wheels off your bike and learn to ride on two wheels – you never forget how to do it. Sure, you might be a little unsteady at first (if you have not biked for years), but you still know the mechanics behind riding a bike. Enough said…


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