Is this why AdultFriendFinders was hacked?

Now you can go directly to Hell...(link removed 5/25/15 at 5:23 pm PDT time). Warning: They may attempt to hack you. Only visit their forum (on the Darknet) and use a VPN prior to firing up the TOR browser.

Gratis a commenter at this blog:

Is this why AdultFriendFinder was hacked

Alex: I just posted emails with Adult Friend Finder aka Friend Finder Networks aka Various Inc. at the following link:

I am assuming that the sages have appointed the great ROR for this task.  If ROR don’t know, the beef is about more than just the stolen money.  I hacked their most sensitive program, which is the KRONOS program (you can ask Assange about that one, maybe he will tell you).  Every now and then an artwork is commissioned, as the mighty ROR has demonstrated his abilities in this regards, and such symbolic gestures are always appreciated.  No doubt ROR knows about the legendary Eagle Soft Inc. and our founding fathers in the game.  I rep Eagle Soft and Prowls Place from Corona, and with a firm mafia hand from Spaghetti Park we keep the wolves at bay.

Here is another email with me threatening to hack the Feds/State/Manhattan DA’s office over the beef that involved the Friend Finder subpoena that triggered all this.

Hopefully Friend Finder learns their lesson this time and stops trying to engage world domination assassination plots against Mafia Hacker Kingpins such as myself and my loyal hackers across the globe.  Spaghetti Park runs the hacker scene from A to Z.  Our mafia overlords keep the feds in check, paying homage to our leaders.  We assassinate their government operatives if they get outa place, so they already know what time it is with Corona.  We have nuclear and cold-fusion blueprints ready to go.  Back to the drawing board for all wanna be corporations that think they know better than their daddies.


Update, May 23, 2015: 4:09 pm PDT: I am in contact with the individual that posted the above message in the Hell forums and have viewed the subpoena. I am unable to disclose any further information at this time.

Update, May 25, 2015: 5:39 pm PDT: Alex has been in contact with me again. He is not associated with the Hell forum nor does he know ROR[RG]. He was made aware of an AFF prescheduled hack (last February).



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