Lady, are you a real geek?


I was out doing front yard work late this afternoon when I heard a neighborhood kid say “Lady, are you a real geek?” I looked up in surprise, dropped my garden shears (almost stabbed my arm) and saw a gangling, 11 or so brown haired boy staring straight down at me.  I peeked back at him over black-rimmed eye glasses and said “why do you ask?”  

11ish Boy [pointing at my tee shirt]: Sometimes you wear strange clothes…

Me: What! What is so strange about there’s no place like

11ish Boy: What do the numbers mean? My mom says that your’re one of those weird Internet geeks.

Me: Do you know anything about networks?

11ish Boy: No.

Me: It’s a computer’s loopback address. You can Google it.

11ish Boy: Aah ok.

Me: What does your mom do for work?

11ish Boy: She plays Farmville all day.

Me: Interesting…


After 11ish boy left, I started thinking about the boys’ question. Am I a real geek? Maybe…








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