, you be the judge… is on plenty of infomercials lately, offering to clean your pc. Don’t waste your time or your money purchasing this Cyberdefender software.

Happy Mother’s Day Honey

I received a phone call this afternoon from a frustrated friend who received a brand new laptop for Mothers Day, whereby her husband had installed MyCleanPC in hopes of keeping her new pc clean. The only thing this software did was further bloat a brand new system and report an excessive amount of issues with her new laptop (300+ issues). Her husband, is about as un-tech-savvy as other consumers who buy into late night infomercials like this one. Though he had honest intentions of arming his wife’s laptop with a product that he thought would benefit his purchase – he failed to research the software online.

Generally, a cheap quick fix from an infomercial like this one, will lead the victim down the path of unnecessary credit card charges. When it is all about profit, it may have nothing to do with speeding up your pc…

Networks (broadcasters) that support this type of infomercial are as much at fault for allowing people to get duped, as are the companies that sell these ideas., a Little History

WayBackMachine June 2004

Portland, Or. (503) 680-9954
Salem, Or. – (503) 409-5056
Toll free: (888)-662-3374

November 2004: Using toll-free number only
Customer Service: 888 662-3374


Customer Service (866) 793-0454
5AM – 10PM Pacific
3340 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 1060
Santa Monica, CA 90405

The business location listed above is also the physical address of Guthy Renker. CyberDefender Corporation filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early 2012 and agreed to sell most of it’s assets to GR Match, LLC (a unit of Guthy Renker).

Other domains that use the same IP: reverse:


Note: Rob Nevins’ Skinny Switch Secret is no longer available through Guthy-Renker, LLC.

You be the judge

You’ve heard the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words…

 Software reputation

The one thing that you should always do, (prior to downloading any software to your PC) should involve some type of background check.

  1. Check business authenticity first.
  2. Research the software and make sure that it is from a trusted source.
  3. Check for online reviews hosted at authoritative and highly respected websites and stay away from padded (fake) reviews.
  4. If the software is unknown or has many shady references to it in a web search – steer clear.

Before you buy into that next infomercial, check out the company and product reputation first.


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