The Darknet Hell Forum Timeline Revisited

Darknet Hell forum web

Back in April of this year I wrote about the AdultFriendFinder data breach: Hacked! How safe is your data on Adult Sites? I did not mention the name of the hacked site because I was worried that I could potentially face legal repercussions. So, I sat on a leaked database of almost 3.9 million unique email addresses that exposed age, gender, race, sexual preferences, and more   until the British TV station, Channel 4 revealed the breach in May.

After the media attention settled down, my Da...

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Secure remote employee’s SOHO routers & eliminate backdoors into your network

remote employee SOHO router security

With increasing commute times and technological advances, remote employees who work from home have become a reality. Even if a company has provided the employee with hardware, security software, a VPN connection, encryption, and security training — securing the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) router is often overlooked and underestimated.

Because I was an IT security consultant for two decades and currently work remotely as an employee for a threat intelligence corporation — I tend to look at...

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Cyberextortion ups the ante

cyberextortion DDoS

With everything that has been occurring upon the treacherous terrain of the cyberthreat landscape this year – we have not arrived at the point of a digital Pearl Harbor yet.

TechTarget defines cyberextortion as “a crime involving an attack or threat of attack against an enterprise, coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.”

Though cyberextortion can arrive in various forms – a cybercriminal’s end goal is to make a huge profit, using whatever means is necessary to bully ...

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Healthcare sector is finding ways to minimize hackability


Did you know that the healthcare industry is a far easier target for hackers to invade than banking or retail is? With more entry points into healthcare systems  cybercriminals can attack medical devices such as CT and PET scanners, MRI machines, and PACS via MEDJACK (medical device hijack) and infect them with malware  thus creating backdoors into your hospital network.

Hackers in the Darknet are already discussing the possibilities...

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