Tech Tip: Unable to move messages to the trash on an iPhone?

The solution is a piece of cake!

If you are unable to delete emails on a secondary email account – follow these quick instructions:



  1. Go to SETTINGS
  2. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3.  Under ACCOUNTS click on the email account that is giving you the problem
  4. Next, click on the account and scroll to the bottom and click on ADVANCED
  5. Next, click on DELETED MAILBOX
  6. Touch the TRASH (nothing will happen – but make sure that you touch it!)
  7. Next, click on the ADVANCED tab (upper left corner)
  8. Then click on the ACCOUNT tab (upper left corner)
  9. Finally, click on DONE (upper right corner) <– this step is important!

The problem should be fixed now 🙂



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