That Ashley Madison “Thing”

Ashley Madison thing

I made it though the AdultFriendFinder’s (AFF) craze, barely…

I am not the type of person that likes a lot of media attention. I tend to find my comfort zone in the area of research and writing. Though I can do any company or brand justice in the realm of social media  by nature, I am actually a very quiet and introspective person in regards to my private life. You won’t find me tweeting about a trip to the coast or mountains, until after the fact.

Even when I arrived at the point of doxxing via the now defunct Hell forum  I was never worried that my private space would be invaded. I protected that space long ago when I realized that the Internet can retain communications forever. It’s a non-forgiving entity.

On that note…

Yes. I have access to the Ashley Maddison (AM) files. I know that the dumps were made on 7/11/15 and that 36 million email addresses was leaked. Yes, account passwords were encrypted and I know the tables schema. I did compare the PGP public key with the files and they are legit. Beyond that, I have no interest in looking up personal details on any AM subscriber.

I do not know who the Impact Team is, but their motives behind the hack are far from altruistic. Just like ROR[PG} from the AFF hack  the Impact team came out of nowhere. They have no history and nobody knows who they are. Where ROR{RG} threw temper tantrums in the Hell forum screaming that he was releasing the data because AFF did not pay off his buddy to the plight of the AM hackers claiming that they sat on company servers for years due to the injustice of it all  something is intolerably rotten in the state of Denmark.

What is the real impact of this hack on human lives in regard to privacy? Check out


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